New guide books from NICEIC & ELECSA

The best way to learn about electrical installation and contracting is naturally to take up one of our intensive electrical courses, but if you ever find yourself a bit hazy on the finer details NICEIC and ELECSA have produced a new range of short guides focusing on specific areas.


The first four books in the series offer guidance on the following topics:


  • Rooms containing a bath or shower
  • Swimming pools and saunas
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Building regulations in England and Wales


These books draw on a range of expertise and knowledge from both organisations, offering helpful diagrams and explanations while adhering to the current wiring regulations. Most importantly, it highlights all the mandatory requirements as well as those which the regulations prohibit.


Tim Benstead, Principal Technical Author for NICEIC and ELECSA, commented: “The series of books are aimed at the installer of electrical installations and attempt to cover some of the most common questions and subjects that we get asked about on our technical helpline.


"Some technical guides can be heavy, cumbersome and written in a language that is difficult to follow; they can also be expensive. These books are handy, sensibly priced, simple to follow and targeted at subjects we know are of interest. They are a welcome and useful addition to any toolbox."


For proper hands-on training through these scenarios and any others you may come across during a career as an electrical installer, call the Electrician Academy on 01732 869912 to find out more about our range of professional electrician training courses.